lunedì 14 novembre 2011

Un messaggio dal Brasile

Fernando Signorelli

Comrade Losurdo,
My name is Fernando Signorelli, I am a law student in Brazil and, thanks to you, definitely a communist.
Two books have changed my life, The General Theory of Law and Marxism from Pachukanis, and Stalin: History and criticism of a black legend. By knowing the texts of Pachukanis, I discovered the communism, but still in a primary way, I was ashamed of the past of communism and ashamed to say that I was a communist. When I read your book on Stalin, I discovered what was my true path. My emotion was only comparable with the one felt by Ho Chi Minh while reading the texts of Lenin. Shortly after that I decided to create a Blog with all your text in Portuguese, but I encountered the Blog of Giulio Gerosa. So I started talking to him and offered myself to translate your texts relating to law. Surprisingly, you sent a chapter of your book: Hegel and the Freedom of Moderns. This is why I´m sending this email, because I would like to thank you personally. Not just thank you the chapter of the book that you sent, but all your work, I owe my freedom. You helped me to respect the past of the communist struggle and not be ashamed of our history. Finally, I would like to tell that I am part of the first research group on legal Marxism in Brazil, directed by Professor Alysson Mascaro. The group studied only the authors of Western Marxism, certainly your work shall give a new perspective for the study of law in Brazil.
I hope we can continue communicating, because you can be sure of one thing, here you have a friend, a comrade.

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