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Tutte sbagliate le "profezie terroristiche" dell'Occidente sulla Cina

Rinviamo qui alle pagine di un'analisi pubblicata dall'Accademia cinese delle Scienze sociali e ripresa e tradotta in inglese dal sito Chinascope [SGA].

On July 21, 2009, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences published an article series titled The Western World’s Five Major Failed Predictions about China. The following is the translation of the entire article series.
The Western World’s Five Major Failed Predictions about China (Abstract)
By reporters Li Bo and Xi Ping

In the past 60 years, since the new China was founded, especially during the recent 31 years after the implementation of the “reform and open-door policy,” China has created a miracle in the history of mankind. There has never been any other country that could rapidly lead a society with so large a population from poverty and being backward to prosperity in such a short time! As we walk on our path, in addition to acclamations and praise, we have also heard criticism and curses, as well as a variety of “terror predictions.” However, after all, history will not change because of curses and so-called “predictions.”

It is a general impression that the western world’s comments on China are always negative. Nonetheless, that was not the case at the very beginning. During the era of the Enlightenment Movement in France, Chinese were considered a group of gentle people with high morality, living in a country permeated with an artistic atmosphere.

In 1895, Wilhelm II of Germany gave a painting The Yellow Peril to Nicholas II of Russia as a gift. This was the origin of the “Yellow Peril” theory...
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