venerdì 28 febbraio 2014

I trotzkisti di fronte al colpo di Stato in Ucraina e la propaganda "antistalinista"

Una interessante segnalazione che arriva dal compagno  João Carlos Graça [DL].

Dear Friends

... Considering the recent events in Ukraine, I dare call your attention to the articles bellow, that somehow exemplify Trotskist "fuite en avant" (and washing away of their own heavy responsabilities, as Western Intelligence's "left-leaning" fifth comumn), facing the defeat of "Stalinist" os "post-Stalinist" regimes: 

    Please notice, among other things, the astoundingly easy acceptance of "Holodomor" narratives by Maria Vogt-Downey, her easy-going notion that Stalin did really "russify" Ukraine, that his regime massacred 10 millions, etc. (By vivid contrast with this " fear the Eastern bogeyman", cold-warrior "anti-Stalinism", and in order to demisty a number of points, check the site of Annie Lacroix-Riz here:
    As to Alex Lantier, although he is right in many aspects as to more recent developments, he should at least remember that "Stalinist bureaucracy", qua "Stalinist bureaucracy", was supposedly, and really, very much really, interested not in the "dissolution of the USSR", rather in its preservation - although all the Western Trots always relentlessly shouted against such social group. (And I am not going now into further discussions of how a "burocratic" element, that is, a "rational-legal" element à la Weber, or a "Beamte" element à la Hegel, is necessary in a socialist state, remains necessary in a socialist state, and indeed is an important element both of efficiecy and of democratization, both in predominantly capitalist societies and in predominantly socialist ones. That may be important to discuss in more detail, but for the moment I rest my case. Suffice to notice how easily this "anti-burocratic" talk, mostly in soixant-huitarde variants, was incorporated and absorbed by officially "deburocratizing" tendencies in the last decades, following a Crozier-Huntington-Watanuki path of reasoning).
    Of course, with wise "Leftists" such as these, we have to assume that, in case the III Reich had won II World War, Maria Vogt-Downey and Alex Lantier should have stepped in and claimed that, via the simple changing of words from "Communism" to "Stalinism", all those who behaved as colaborators (and many they were, no doubt about it) would have instead atoned (poor kids, no doubt), and gladly alligned with a Trot variety of Resistance...
    Well, as Paul Craig Roberts more intelligently puts is, "most people are unable to deal with reality even when reality directly confronts them" (here: Let's hope and see. History is not over yet...
    All the best for you,
    João Carlos Graça 

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