lunedì 11 aprile 2011

Orwell, la Guerra Fredda e il "totalitarismo". Un intervento di João Carlos Graça

João Carlos Graça, Lisboa, 9 de Abril de 2011,

Dear Professor Losurdo,

Regardless of considerations on the case of Orwell‐the‐man (in which I am surely not an expert), one thing seems clear to me by this moment. During the Cold War period, Orwell’s narrative has definitely been absorbed as part of what we may term as the “Western narrative”, and somehow transformed into its Left branch. Whereas on the Western Right we have what one might call the “Truman story” (“the commies are coming down, we have to either contain them or even roll them back”, etc.), on the Western Left tends to prevail the “Orwell story”: “the alleged «commies» are not true commies, they’re not coming down and indeed they have somehow made a pact with our elites. Their elite, in a secret understanding with ours, keeps their masses under strict, violent control, and to this control is a central piece the maintenance of a state of endless war, besides on a triangular basis, with shifting, unprincipled systems of alliances, which at any rate are an excellent way for each elite to mobilize its own masses in its favour, captivate them”, etc., more or less according to a logic à la Leo Strauss...
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