giovedì 9 settembre 2010

Anche in inglese l'intervento di Losurdo sulla Cina

La traduzione è di John Catalinotto - lecturer alla City University of New York e noto intellettuale marxista
statunitense - che ringraziamo [SGA].

An educational trip to China. Reflections of a philosopher
By Domenico Losurdo
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From July 3 to July 16, 2010, I had the privilege of visiting several cities in China and seeing some of the social realities there. (I didn't see all of China, only four cities.) Invited by the Chinese Communist Party, I was part of a delegation that also included representatives of the Communist parties of Portugal, Greece and France and the German Left Party. From Italy, in addition to me, were Vladimiro Giacché and Francesco Maringiò. The text that follows is neither diary nor narrative; it consists of reflections stimulated by an extraordinary experience...

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