martedì 12 maggio 2015

"Un libro implacabile": Una recensione di "War and Revolution"

A Relentless Document

«War and Revolution. Rethinking the Twentieth Century» è un libro implacabile. E' denso e sconcertante. E' per questo che dovrebbe essere considerato uno dei più importanti libri di storia pubblicati dopo gli eventi noti come "l'11 settembre". Dopo tutto, furono questi eventi che ripresero il progetto già in corso a partire dalla fine degli anni 70 imprimendogli una folle accelerazione. Non a caso, da allora non c'è stato più un giorno di pace. Questo fatto non è un accidente. Questa è l'essenza del testo di Losurdo»

Rejecting Revisionist History

A popular understanding of history in today’s world involves blaming the most radical revolutionaries of France in the late 18th century and Russia in 1917 for many of the modern ills. This trend is espoused in intellectual and popular culture and is the foundation on which much of modern politics is based. For the wealthy and the currently powerful, it is a self-serving and incredibly useful understanding. Hence, any popular attempts to alter this view are ruthlessly belittled and denied. It was exactly this that took place in the 1960s and the 1970s when colonized peoples, young people, workers and others reconsidered their role in history and took to the streets, forever changing the political/cultural landscape we live in.
In the years since, however, it is the historical understanding that serves the powerful that has been on the ascendant. Most commonly known among historians as revisionism, this understanding not only blames revolutionary forces for humanity’s murderous excesses, it also urges a return to a semi-feudal situation that stratifies people in terms of class, race and gender, allowing different levels of economic and political freedom according to a hierarchy designed by those in power. In effect, it wishes to legally create the political world already being formed economically through neoliberalism.
Revisionism is a liberal approach to history. It equates the colonialism, racism and anti-Semitism of Nazism with the anti-colonial, anti-racist and liberationist foundations of communism...

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