venerdì 14 gennaio 2011

Anche in portoghese l'intervista di Domenico Losurdo sul partito comunista

Entrevista a Domenico Losurdo

A contra-revolução em curso e a exigência social e política da reconstrução do Partido Comunista
da, tradução de Margarida Ferreira

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Anonimo ha detto...

Dear Professor Losurdo
Congratulations for this publication in Portuguese, and of course thank you for that. Still, I must make a request that your Controstoria del Liberalismo be translated as Contra-história do Liberalismo and not (assuredly not) as Contra-história da Democracia (sic!).
I would abstain from this remark (that may well be taken as picky), had it not so likely fallen into the category of "Leitfehler", or meaningful errors. It is not necessary to be a maniac of philology to understand how much this may reveal of subordination to the dominant ideology even by those claiming (and really wanting) to oppose it. Seldom has a traduttora been, if against her will, so much a traditora...
Be as it may, that ought to be emended for the sheer sake of truth - always an important thing, as you yourself so brightly underline in the interview. Please accept my respectful
Saudações cordiais,
João Carlos Graça
Lisboa, 19 de Janeiro de 2010